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The bicycle, an amazing tool for change. People all over the world are moving towards a new system. Will the economic power allow it?


Revenge of the Electric Car takes the viewer behind the closed doors of Nissan, GM, and Tesla Motors to chronicle the resurgence of electric cars.


CHARGE is the dramatic and highly entertaining inside story of an unlikely group of pioneers brought together around the world’s first zero-emissions motorcycle grand prix.


Who Killed the Electric Car? is a documentary about electric cars, hybrids, hydrogen and the future of transportation.


FASTER is a first: The first feature-length movie to go inside the MotoGP world since television took a sport watched by a few thousand spectators at race tracks and turned it into a prime-time entertainment for over 350 million people worldwide.


No Maps For These Territories: Renowned science fiction writer William Gibson speaks of the past, the future and the frontiers in between. FilmThreat calls it “a brilliant and intelligent viewing experience.”


Chris Paine

Chris Paine


Chris is a filmmaker and environmentalist living in Culver City (when he’s not vagabonding). His acclaimed documentaries include “Who Killed the Electric Car?” (2006) and “Revenge of the Electric Car” (2011).

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Chris co-produces films including Mark Neale’s “Charge”, “No Maps For These Territories”, “Faster”, and Fredrik Gertten’s upcoming (2014) doc “Bikes vs Cars”. He assisted for writer/producer Michael Tolkin on the feature films “The Player” and “The New Age”. Chris’s most recent environmental project is the oil spill site

Chris serves on the board of directors for Friends of the EarthCoalition for Clean Air, and the advisory boards for Wildlife Learning Foundation, the Black Rock Arts Foundation, and Impro Theater.

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Jessie Deeter

Jessie Deeter


Jessie‘s producing and directing credits include Death by Fire which opened PBS’s FRONTLINE season in 2010 and, most recently, Spark: A Burning Man Story, which debuted at SXSW in 2013.

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Jessie produced Who Killed the Electric Car? (Sony Pictures Classics, 2006) and co-produced Revenge of the Electric Car which returns to Independent Lens for encore screenings in 2014 after its premiere in 2011/12.

Jessie has spent much time living and working in North Africa and the Middle East, and speaks fluent French and some Arabic. Her debut film Taking Guns from Boys (2004) was an intimate look at UN Force Commander Daniel Opande’s disarmament of Liberia after the fall of Charles Taylor.  Jessie has a two Masters degrees from UC Berkeley, was a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco and a Fulbright Scholar in Oman, Morocco and Tunisia.

Jessie is currently directing and producing Tunisia 2.0, a feature documentary about Tunisia working for democracy after the Arab Spring and doing special reports for the PBS NewsHour.

P.G. Morgan

P.G. Morgan


P.G. Morgan won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for the HBO/BBC documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired. He was also a Writer/Consulting Producer on Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out.

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Consulting Producer on the recent Showtime documentary Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic. P.G. was the Writer and Producer (with Jessie Deeter) of Revenge of the Electric Car (Winner, Best Documentary, Environmental Media Awards, 2012). He has also worked as a Senior Writer/Producer on the Emmy-winning A&E show, Intervention.

In addition, P.G. has won BAFTA and Amnesty International Awards for his coverage of the war in the former Yugoslavia. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Roger Gilbertson

Roger Gilbertson


On “Who Killed the Electric Car?” Roger contributed content development, story structure, research, technical writing, graphic and animation design, camera work and more.

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As co-founder (with Chris Paine) and CEO at Mondo-tronics, Roger created robotic and electronic products and services for the Smithsonian Museum, NASA (supplying a key component for a device now on the surface of Mars), US Air Force, Industrial Light & Magic, television’s “Robot Wars” and “BattleBots” robot competitions, prominent professional magicians, and many others. Their creations earned the “Most Innovative New Product” award from the Western Association of Visual Merchandisers“, and the “Best of What’s New Top 100” award from Popular Science magazine.

At USC, Roger majored in Aerospace Engineering, and spent significant time with film studies, production, and screenwriting. At Hampshire College he studied screenwriting, wrote and produced numerous short videos, and pioneered computer graphics using fractal mathematics to create life-like plants and walking animal gaits.

While serving as Associate Producer on “Revenge of the Electric Car”, Roger also spent over six and a half years at SpaceX creating a diverse range of media content, and writing, producing and directing live webcast coverage their rocket launches and spacecraft missions.

Sara Hutchison

Sara Hutchison


Sara Hutchison recently produced the NAACP-Image-Award-winning Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic (Showtime), the highest rated documentary on Showtime in nine years.

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Other production credits include: The Science of Interstellar (Warner Home Entertainment); Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out (Showtime); Revenge of the Electric Car (Independent Lens); Last Will & Testament (Centropolis Entertainment); and When Strangers Click (HBO).

Her entertainment career began at National Geographic Television as part of the Emmy-award-winning team responsible for primetime documentary specials on NBC and PBS. She then worked as Producer/Vice President of Development at Greystone Television and Films where she developed programming that aired as series and specials on A&E, Court TV, Fine Living, The Food Network, The Travel Channel, and the History Channel.

Since her time at Greystone, she has continued to pursue her storytelling passion as an independent. She was on the board of directors for the International Documentary Association and currently serves on the Nonfiction Peer Group Executive Committee of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She is also an active member of the Director’s Guild.

Ms. Hutchison grew up in Colorado and received a BA in English and Creative Writing as well as an MA in Education from Stanford University.

Mark Cope

Mark Cope


Mark Cope is a Writer/Director in Los Angeles. He is the creator of the hit web series The Most Popular Girls in School, which is now in its fourth season with over 70 million views.

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He also has years of experience working in documentaries.  He has been on the editing or producing staff of films such as “Richard Pryor: Omit The Logic,” “Last Will. And Testament,” and “Revenge of The Electric Car.”


Who Killed The Electric Car?

Screened at the following Film Festivals:

Atlanta Film Festival
Berlin International Film Festival
Canberra Film Festival
Festival de Catalunya (Spain)
CinemaAmbiente (Turin, Italy)
Deauville Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Milan International Film Festival
Mountain Film Festival
Newport Film Festival
San Francisco Film Festival
Seattle Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival

  • Best Documentary Feature 2011

    Revenge of the Electric Car Environmental Media Awards

  • Special Jury Prize

    Mountain Film (Telluride) (2006)

  • Audience Award

    Canberra International Film Festival

  • Boxoffice Award

    Milan International Film Festival

  • Special Jury Prize

    CinemaAmbiente (EU Environmental Film Festival, Italy)

  • Nominated - Best Documentary

    Environmental Media Awards (2006)

  • Nominated - Best Screenplay

    Writers Guild of America: Best Documentary Screenplay (2007)

  • Nominated - Best Documentary

    Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards (2007)


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